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Human resources verification

The most important resource that a company has is its employees.

Hence, the most important trait of the relationship between employer and employee must be trust. Without trust in a company’s employees, the company has no future.

That is why General Investigations has a specialized division focused solely on services relevant to your company’s HR department.

Whether it’s screening of potential hires, investigating employee loyalty or suspicions of a lack of integrity, General Investigations is ready to use its experienced team in investigating human resources.

The results of General Investigations procedures allow you to eliminate any internal threats to your reputation and the correct functioning of your company and help you to bring back trust in your team.

CV check
General Investigations provides its clients with the full investigative package when it comes to verifying the information supplied by a potential hire in their résumé.
Morality and loyalty investigations
A fundamental element of the employer-employee relationship or the partnership between business associates is trust.
Document investigations
The foundation of a company’s reputation is not solely based on how it’s perceived by its clients.

Polygraph test
All people claim to be telling the truth and that they are innocent.
Operative surveillance
General Investigations offers a full team of experienced professionals in the areas of monitoring and surveillance at the highest standards and maximum discretion.

Corporate Investigative Services

The possibility of your employees being dishonest or there being reasons for concern when it comes to the legality of your business operation is not something you wish to contemplate.

Initiating a corporate investigation can be a stressful but necessary step: best case scenario – you have no reason to suspect anything and you can go back to being sure of your company.

General Investigation will help you avoid financial loss caused by faulty asset management; avoid criminal or civil suits caused by misplaced or misfiled evidence; obtain objective information from third parties and will help protect your brand’s reputation.

With extensive experience, our services are discrete and completely confidential, offering all the necessary information for a comprehensive decision.

Our experts offer consultancy both when it comes to the best way of moving forward in the investigative process, as well as in establishing prevention mechanisms that will protect your company from future unpleasantness.

Organizations with inadequate anti-fraud procedures can easily fall prey to undetected fraud.
The purpose of corporate due diligence is to supply the client with as much relevant information in order for them to make an informed decision.
The General Investigations experts will help you in identifying existent fraud in your company and can help you in preventing any future cases of fraud.

When it comes to business the correct piece of information can make the difference between success and failure.
General Investigations offers, in complete accordance with legal norms, dedicated expertise and resources in technical countermeasures for interception mechanisms.

Cyber Security

In a world where a company’s activities can be brought to a standstill for an undetermined period of time by external or even internal cyber-attacks, the security of the information infrastructure needs to be a priority for any business.

From database management to access control and securing all systems against external attacks or internal service interruption, you need well thought-out mechanisms in order to guarantee uninterrupted services and complete protection of data that is incredibly important for the flawless workings of your business.

General Investigations offers full cyber security services: informational infrastructure audit, recommendations and implementation, monitoring and intervention in case problems arise. Likewise we supply bespoke mechanisms based on your niche and needs.



Innovative work solutions that address new methods of using databases.
Our solutions reduce the complexity, costs and risks associated with identity and access control maintenance.
The fully integrated solution that simplifies the backup and recovery process by integrating work platforms that cover virtual, physical and application mediums.

We offer efficient solutions for creating a safe workspace for users on desktops, laptops or smartphones.
We streamline company activities through a unique mix of monitoring application performance solutions.
We offer state of the art instruments for streamlining Windows server infrastructure.


Investigations in family matters are amongst the most delicate type of services offered by a private investigation agency.

General Investigations offers the perfect balance of discretion, efficiency and objectiveness and solves the most difficult cases: from infidelity, to finding missing persons and monitoring minors that concern their parents.

Regardless of the nature of your personal issue, our specialists offer expert consultancy services and recommend the best solutions to reach a satisfactory resolution to your situation.

Our team of experts is well versed in obtaining evidence/counterevidence required for finalizing legal suits.



Personal investigations
All people claim to be trustworthy. Based on our own experience we can tell you that this is not always true.
Finding missing persons
The General Investigations team offers agents with years of experience in finding missing persons or solving missing person cases, completely dedicated to your case.
Monitoring of minors’ behavior
In a harmful environment and under negative influences, minors can become withholding and estranged from the family, consequences being of the worst nature.

Civil or criminal suits can extend unnecessarily in the absence of conclusive evidence.


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