Intelligence services

4. Intelligence services

When it comes to business the correct information can make the difference between success and failure.

That’s why for General Investigations information is the foundation upon which a company can build or consolidate its future.

Our intelligence services include all relevant options for your company:

  • information on the competitive market (structure, organization, number of employees, endowment, developmental trends, future plans, etc.)
  • investigating and monitoring solvency and seriousness of potential business partners: fulfilling commitments and insurance against risks
  • protection against leaks
  • investigative activities in order to obtain evidence/counter-evidence and clues necessary in the favorable outcome and reduced times of civil or criminal suits
  • identifying clients or partners who do not act according to the principles of conduct and their assets in order to recover the company’s losses through legal means


  • anticipate the competition’s moves
  • highlighting your company’s differentiating element
  • determining long term and short term strategies
  • determining the best markets for your company
  • implementing a competitive strategy
  • evaluating your company’s competitive advantage
  • fast resolve to legal suits
Similiar services
Organizations with inadequate anti-fraud procedures can easily fall prey to undetected fraud.
Corporate due diligence
The purpose of corporate due diligence is to supply the client with as much relevant information in order for them to make an informed decision.
The General Investigations experts will help you in identifying existent fraud in your company and can help you in preventing any future cases of fraud.
General Investigations offers, in complete accordance with legal norms, dedicated expertise and resources in technical countermeasures for interception mechanisms.


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