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Like our slogan says: ”Experience builds excellence”: General Investigations is built on people with a vast experience in the areas and departments under their management and the quality of the services we offer is a consequence of this fact.

That is why the goal of General Investigations will always be to solve our cases with the utmost professionalism and discretion. To this end, General Investigations will only take on cases the premise of which represents us honorably.

General Investigations is a member of PDPR and due to this fact we can collaborate with colleagues from other counties and are able to cover any nation-wide requirement.

After becoming a member of World Association of Detectives – WAD and FEDERPOL – our coverage has extended to an international level and has become able to solve cases with the help of our trusted partners in almost areas of the world. Recently we have successfully solved cases in Egypt, Germany and Italy.

Our methods and means have been and always will be subordinate to respecting the legal framework that defines our activity.

Hence, we invite you to place your trust in us as ”Experience builds excellence”!

Our team

Dan Gutoi
General Manager

Graduated the ”Mihai Viteazul” Information Academy and has a BA in Communication Sciences from the University of Bucharest. He has over 18 years of experience in the Romanian Intelligence Service in the informative-operative field, where he has coordinated several teams of officers in solving highly complex cases. Based on this experience, several complex General Investigations cases were bought to a satisfactory conclusion: insurance anti-fraud, asset identification, debt recovery, surveillance and monitoring.


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